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Starting off the week with a new VW Golf 7.5R in for a list of #untamed performance upgrades🔥

new 7.r vw golf r august 21 2017


Really Hot 362kW #untamed Audi RS3

We’ve done some pretty VAG-tastic upgrades in recent years but this is one we’re particularly proud of. And just in case you think Audis are a little ‘softer’ than Volksies, this one is ballistic!

Our RGMotorsport RS3 is a 362kW/560Nm all-wheel-drive road rocket, which has a loooong list of goodies. That’s why they’re best presented as ‘bullet’ points (no pun intended!):

• RGM Goliath cold air intake system.
• RGM hybrid turbo upgrade.
• RGM road speed governor delete.
• RGM intercooler upgrade.
• RGM 101mm Techniflow downpipe.
• RGM progressive water-methanol injection system.
• RGM Hardware tune with three pre-programmed Software maps: Street/Race/Extreme.

This unblemished street car (it weighs what it did when it came out the factory) has broken into the 11-second quarter-mile bracket on street tyres and on an unprepared track. A standard RS3 of this specification makes 270kW and 465Nm so taking those figures to 362/560 respectively represents a healthy injection grunt. Check it ‘flame-out’ on the video slow-mo!

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Why canter with the colts when you can gallop with the stallions?

At RGMotorsport we turn Mustang GTs into authentic supercars, boosting power and torque massively with our Whipple-based Supercharged upgrades to the 5.0-litre V8. And the numbers are large – whether talking good old-fashioned horsepower or the more modern kilowatt rating.

We’ll give you 750 horses to harness – that’s 560kW – and an exhaust note from our 76mm Techniflow that not only leave you exhilarated but let the world know when you’re arriving, or leaving!
Not only that, opting for our Supercharged upgrade is a decision you can take with your head and your heart: this conversion includes a two-year, 75 000 km warranty. As soon as you’re done watching the video, give our sales team a call…


Hidden performance gem, The BMW M140I!  

The hidden performance gem in the wide BMW M performance range, the BMW M140i. The new BMW M140i comes with a some small changes that make a massive difference when it comes to the performance of this vehicle, compared to the previous generation BMW's. These changes are the new B58 engine that is fractionally larger than before and it comes standard with a bigger turbocharger. That makes a real difference when you hand it over to the mad scientists at RGM.

Our customer wanted a "entry level" performance upgrade, and chose our full Techniflow stainless steel performance exhaust that includes the 101mm de-cat downpipe, with our dual exhaust tone variation. We added our RGM Tuning solution, serviceable performance air filter and a pedal booster to improve the throttle response. This upgrade took the standard 250kW to 295kW and the 500Nm to 625Nm of torque.



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